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A modern cabin built on top of history: a 1920s shack, a 1950s addition over top and a 1970s addition behind

Modern Waterfront Home from an Old Cabin

This cabin is tucked into a hillside overlooking Case Inlet near Vaughn. In the 1950s a single-wall cabin was built over the original  1920s shack. In the 1970s an addition was built behind the whole thing.  The 1970s portion just needed to be removed. A portion of the 1950s cabin was within the mandatory shoreline setback, a line that  ran through the middle of the cabin. We were permitted to re-build but the existing low pitched roof could not be changed. Behind the shoreline setback line we raised the roof, still with a low pitch which allowed for a series of clerestory windows to brighten the cabin. The new roof was extended to create an entry porch with clusters of Douglas Fir posts to support it.

Before view

Before view

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