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A new modern home in the historic Gig Harbor downtown center, see this home featured recently in the News Tribune!

Modern Gig Harbor View Home

The house, recently finished, has all the main living spaces on the main floor with awesome views of Gig Harbor and Puget Sound as well as Mt. Rainier and the Olympics. The new house was built within the footprint of an 1980s house which did not capitalize on the site. The new design has a day-light basement with a guest suite, family room and large office, all which have the same awesome views. The house is in both the shoreline and historic district of Gig Harbor and had to comply with numerous regulations including a requirement for a main gable oriented to the harbor and traditional siding materials and window arrangements, as well as strict height limits. A contemporary aesthetic, a goal of the clients, was achieved through the simple detailing, and clean modern lines including floating cabinetry and cantilevered framing all within the historic districts guidelines.

Entry view from computer model

View of house previously on the site

Steel rafters, welded together at the ridge, were used to frame the main roof. The steel rafters allowed for a minimum depth of structure and an open ceiling from the front to the rear of the main space. The windows in the gable ends go all the way up to the ceiling to highlight the vaulted ceiling.


Steel beams were used to frame the loft floor. This allowed us to keep the floor depth to a minimum to maximize the ceiling height for the dining room below. The steel beams supported the cantilevering joists which needed to be sturdy for the glass panel railings that contribute to the light, airy feel of the interior.

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